So you hate writing about yourself, huh?


Writing a dating profile isn’t fun for many of us. Pulling together a “self summary” can push one into writer’s block. Oddly enough, I like helping men and women write their dating profiles. I enjoy interviewing people to help them put their best foot forward and even articulate some goals, dating or otherwise. Below are the three tiers of editing and writing services that I offer.


Level 1: You’ve some semblance of a profile already chalked up but you’d like someone to take a second look at it. You’d choose this option for that. (Image: Blue Lake, Inyo National Forest, CA. I like nature, and didn’t want to use a stock image.) Learn More 

Dating Profile Editing

Level 2: You have some material and an idea of what you’d like to say, but you need to talk it out. I’ll conduct an interview with you over the phone to chat and get some ideas going. I’ll then send you a write-up for your approval. Learn More

Full Write Overhaul

Level 3: You got nothing. That’s fine. Full-service dating profile assistance here. I will interview you once, maybe twice, and’ll write things up from scratch. Learn More

Have questions?

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